Redemption By Tauheed Adris

Our Redemption is Yours

Who said fashion and activewear don't mix? We think feeling attractive, comfortable, and confident in your clothes is what it's all about. Our sleek designs, inspired by the people and architecture of our city, shines through our products.We provide innovative streetwear designs and fitness clothing made to live in, without missing out on the most forward streetwear trends.

If you’re looking for a brand that touches the lives of their communities, promotes expression and empowerment, and comes in a variety of high-quality materials and styles, Redemption - based out of Philadelphia, is your go-to choice. We proudly represent the people of the cities of Philly and Pittsburgh and work tirelessly to turn out new and engaging fitness and streetwear clothing, outfits, and designs.

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We Stand Together

Proudly serving the United States through online ordering, we are committed to providing all people access to our high-comfort, high-fashion fitness-focused clothing. Whether you're a Philly native like us, living in the 19102, or the city of Pittsburgh, our streetwear brand breathes the same life of our experiences and connects us all. We want all of our customers to live in a way they feel confident and comfortable, always.


Our Best Sellers


Redemption By Tauheed Adris

Redemption, the cutting-edge fashion brand, founded by designer Tauheed Adris, is gaining more and more traction. The brand is branching out and receiving recognition for our stylish and charitable athletic apparel, presenting an exciting collection of sweatshirts, t-shirts, and streetwear that perfectly merge modern design with high-quality materials. With its unique designs and ethical production processes, Redemption is fast becoming an industry leader in the US streetwear world.



Why Choose Us

When you choose Redemption as your choice streetwear, you can see:

  • Our values radiate through our contemporary and attractive activewear

  • Our sleek streetwear design emulates the city it originates

  • Fashion-forward designs made to fit your lifestyle

  • Breathable material made to work and keep you comfortable

  • Comfortable design blended with high fashion

  • Designs crafted from the heart of Philadelphia

  • High-quality materials built to function and last

  • Portion of the profits will be distributed to @tandematmosphere - an organization geared toward providing food and hygiene products etc. to those in need


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