The Different Types Of Streetwear And What Makes Redemption Unique

The Different Types Of Streetwear And What Makes Redemption Unique

Finding new pieces of clothing and new fashion to add to your wardrobe can be difficult. Especially in today’s environment, finding a brand that you can be proud to wear clothing from means finding pieces that resonate with your style, that elevate your wardrobe, and that make you feel good while you’re wearing them. At Redemption by Tauheed Adris, our streetwear clothing is designed to stand out while ensuring that you feel your best while wearing our pieces. Keep reading to learn more about different types of streetwear and what makes our clothing options unique.

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Skatewear is, as the name suggests, a style that has been made popular by skateboarding culture around the world. Characterized by casual, comfortable pieces like graphic tees, hoodies, baseball hats, wide leg shorts, loose pants, and of course, skate shoes, this style is popular the world over, especially as streetwear. Elevating this look into fashion means incorporating accessories, choosing high-quality, brand-name pieces, and sticking to a refined color palette with pops of color for interest.

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Techwear is a modern style of streetwear that has become more popular recently, and focuses on blending function with fashion. In this style, highly functional pieces like military cargo pants or utility vests are created with luxe details like high-fashion fabrics and modern color schemes like cool-toned neutrals. Because these pieces are crafted with high-quality materials, and luxurious style in mind, techwear is usually on the higher end of streetwear price ranges. However, this style can still be accessible if you have one or two key pieces and can pair with basics in the same color palette.

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High Fashion

High fashion streetwear, also known as hypebeast streetwear, is the most common and popular style within streetwear nowadays. Characterized by striking silhouettes, hip-hop fashion, celebrity styles, and logowear, this style is all about clothing that makes a statement without being overbearing. Comfort is key, but so is creating a unique appearance, so high fashion streetwear is often a style that can be spotted on fashion catwalks, as well.

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Quality and Comfort

With all of these styles of streetwear in mind, finding a brand that not only fits your style, but also your budget and your comfort can be overwhelming. There are many different brands on the market with clothing pieces to choose from in each style, but they’re not all created the same! At Redemption by Tauheed Adris, our clothing is designed to fit within your budget and your lifestyle while still making a statement, providing comfort, and matching the style of streetwear you prefer. Crafted with quality in mind and your comfort at heart, Redemption pieces are your top choice for streetwear fashion online.

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